The first and only truly Industrial Digitalization Solution for STOp-events (Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages, pitSTOps)—a completely integrated, secure, collaborative platform solution to planning and executing STOp events—to exceed your safety, quality, tool-time efficiency, cost & schedule targets.

The most elegant solution to web- and cloud-based planning and execution of our turnaround events, and beyond…

                                                               —Parkland Fuel Corporation


STOworx® is designed to increase safety, quality and worker wrench-time through innovative digitized processes and practices…resulting in the shortest duration, lowest cost shutdown, turnaround or outage…ever!


Nothing is more important than safety. When you employ STOworx®, you’ll not only zero-in on safety, you’ll meet your zero harm, zero incident targets—in partnership with United Safety.


Nothing affects the duration or cost of a shutdown, turnaround or outage more than rework. STOworx® ensures you never experience delays and expenditures related to rework or leaks on startup.


When you employ STOworx® you employ efficiency. Worker wrench-time (a.k.a. tool-time) is the most important aspect of success on a shutdown, turnaround or outage project.

Why STOworx® is Right for your Team 

PROBLEM: Insufficient Resources (Human/Financial/Time) and Low Oil Prices

There is no denying that planning a STO event requires serious investment. The burn alone can be thousands of dollars per day, for months. Then, Feed-out, and you discover your plan is lacking strategy, your work packages are incomplete, or your resources are insufficient to execute the work safety, with quality and efficiency. Things change, and Burn increases to $1M/Day, but your Earn is less than 1.0, meaning your spending more each day on in-directs than you are earning through direct tool time. 

Navigating a STO event, from kick-off to closure, requires a digitized methodology road map.



SOLUTION: STOworx® as a Service

Doing more with less ensures your Burn is low and your Earn is high. This can only be accomplished when you have absolute control of your scope, budget, and planning process through a secure, transparent platform that let’s you navigate your STO event to achieve zero incidents, zero rework, and high worker wrench-time during the Execution Phase.

When you subscribe to SaaS (STOworx® as a Service) you lower your Burn and increase your Earn by navigating a digitized, real-time methodology (yours or ours—STOworx® can be configured to digitize your own STO work flows, methodologies, and/or best practices, or we can supply all or some to you to fill the gap).

From work scope development/risk mitigation to budget control and cost management, to work package management, process safety, quality and completions, STOworx® is the solution.

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