Subscription-Based, Per-Facility Platform…
Custom Fit for Any Budget

STOworx® is a monthly subscription-based, per-user platform available as a project-specific solution or long-term multiple site solution. Currently, we are seeking early adopters to implement STOworx® at preferred pricing, in conjunction with joint-configuration. For less than 1% of your STO budget—based on 10 Users, including deployment, training, and configuration—you can deploy the power of STOworx® and begin saving thousands on your next STO event.

STOworx® can be subscribed to at any stage of your current STO event, and/or by module; e.g., Workscope Development, Work Package Development, Completions, etc., with full access to Mission Control where each stakeholder can contribute to the overall strategies and plans for an STO event, including Action Items, Tasks, Forms, and much more.

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