Methodology modules and workflow practices created from some of the best STO practitioners in the business—deployable as separate modules, or bundled for enhanced STO event performance…


STOworx integrated solutions focus on best-practice processes and procedures; a proven methodology for industry shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages in the oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, and energy sectors . STOworx® integrated solutions—developed by seasoned STO practitioners—automate proven industry best practices and synchronize data management processes like SAP and Primavera P6 with drag-n-drop and import/export features, with all functionality based on industry research and client contributions.
  • Plan2Plan (a.k.a. Milestone Schedule) Module 

    With our Plan2Plan (a.k.a. Milestone Schedule) your Strategic Planning Phase is in full control. Schedule Milestones, assign Steps (activities), track progress and effectively navigate and efficiently drive the Strategic and Detailed Planning Phase of your STO event.
  • Work Package Development Module 

    With our Work Package Development Module assign Planners to establish Work Package Key Deliverables and build consistent, standard Work Packages. Track the progress of each Work Package as each Stakeholder contributes to its contents, ensuring all ITP’s and Work Package documentation is tracked and signed-off prior to Execution—link to your Primavera™ P6 Project Plan Scheduling.
  • Completions Module 

    With our STOworx® Completions Module you’ll never have to worry about a lack of document control. Assign your Completions Engineers to track Planned Job Package (PJP’s) Key Deliverables, ensuring all ITP’s and PJP documentation is tracked and signed-off prior to PSSR (Pre-startup Safety Reviews) for on-time Commissioning—link to your Primavera™ P6 Project Plan for a Flawless Startup.
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  • PSSR & Flawless Start-Up Module 

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    STOworx® enables you to establish your PSSR (Pre Start-up Safety Reviews) and Process System Walk-downs following Mechanical Completion to confirm de-isolation in preparation for Commissioning. Deploying our STOworx® PSSR module means you’ll reduce risk and save time. All necessary Certificates to Start-up are in place, ready to introduce product for a Flawless Start-up, without incidents!
  • Mobile Equipment Module 

    With our STOworx® Mobile Equipment Module you can schedule and track each mobile equipment asset in conjunction with Primavera™ P6 and GIS/GPS Technology. Save time and money as each mobile equipment asset is scheduled and tracked for just-on-time mobilization on platform Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages.
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  • Inspection & Test Plans Module 

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    STOworx® enables you to create Inspection & Test Plans (ITP’s) to support your QA/QC program. Deploying our STOworx® ITP module means you’ll never have to worry about managing your QA/QC, Completions & PSSR programs again. All necessary inspection and closure documents will be prepared in advance to ensure you receive your permit-to-start-up without delays.

Cloud-Based, Mobile Ready

STOworx is web-based, easily implemented and does not require extensive training. It’s ready to use with iOS and Android devices. Deploy STOworx in hours and start saving money in days, not months. With its collaborative task-driven platform, its proven work management processes and its best-practice procedures, you know your STO project team will be prepared. 

STOworx® PaaS Pricing Model

We have several, flexible options for STOworx® deployment and subscription. Refer to our PaaS (Platform as a Service) Pricing Model (below table) to assist with preparing your RFQ scope of work.

*Modules) MC–Mission Control | TAM–Team Action Management | WP-Work Package Management  | P2P-Plan2Plan | CP-Completions Management

Note a) as more modules become available they can be purchased for a onetime fee and used at all facilities setup in STOworx®

Note b) additional Users blocks can be purchased (Users can be cross functional (across Facilities)

Note c) clients can upgrade from Tier 1 or Tier 2 at any time with a revised contract agreement

Note d) additional features will be added at no cost where they enhance existing functionality, e.g., Messenger, Pop-ups, Meeting Space, Options, Libraries…

Note e) additional modules will become available for one-time purchase at a future date, e.g., Materials Management, MOC, Readiness Assessment, Permitting, LOTO/Blinding, Cost Control, Reliability, Projects, Closure/Lessons-learned, PSSR, Process Safety, Environment, GIS, Contracting

Note f) on premise hosting can be negotiated for Tier 2 and 3 if Rackspace Cloud is not acceptable

Note g) an unlimited User block can be negotiated for Tier 2

Note h) you can choose to create your own customized Module, e.g., MOC, LOTO, Permitting, etc. with an RFQ on a lump sum basis if our Modules are unavailable or do not suit your business model. 

STOworx® Integration

Tailored to Your Business Operations

STOworx® connects your ERP (SAP, JDE, Maximo) systems with Oracle Primavera, eliminating the need for multiple, uncontrolled spreadsheets or in-house database tools. Confidently and accurately control, share, and update the data and documents required for each stakeholder to prepare quality PJP’s (Planned Job Packages) for a flawless STO event.

Oracle Primavera P6 Integration

STOworx® integrates seamlessly with Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project to ensure your Planned Job Packages are scheduled with DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology). When digitally coupled with STOworx® dashboards, your Project Controls Team can efficiently navigate each STO event with accuracy.