Strategic Co-innovation for STO

No longer can we afford to employ $100.00/bbl methodologies and ad hoc technology tools to plan, manage, and control shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages in the upstream oil & gas industry (or any manufacturing sector for that matter). Why? Well, not only are many of them outdated, most are ineffective, requiring more resources, time, expenses, and effort to manage. Something we can no longer justify at $40.00/bbl.

Through recent economic challenges—the financial boom and bust cycles brought on by war, debt, inflation, and cartel decisions—we’re witnessing drastic changes in how Organizations manages their operations to remain competitive and profitable. Reaction ranges anywhere from corporate downsizing to facility decommissioning, to the implementation of lean manufacturing opportunities for day-to-day operations and most recently for the execution of shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages—a decision requiring strategic co-innovation.

Strategic co-innovation for STO events brings together Owners, Contractors, Vendors, and Consultants to brainstorm…

Strategic Co-innovation for STO
Strategic co-innovation takes us to a new level of planning and executing STO events. By reviewing current methodologies, practices, technology tools, and resource competencies as a joint improvement initiative, Owners and Contractors join in a facilitated (third-party) brain-storming sessions to reduce risk, scope, and budget constraints and to increase safety, quality, and worker efficiency.

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